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Your Ultimate Neighborhood Market!

The first Crossroads IGA was opened in 2005 in Rockfield, Kentucky, just a few miles down the road from their parent company, Houchens Industries. Houchens is one of the largest employee owned ESOP companies in the world – boasting over 18,000 employees in 2019. Crossroads IGA was added to the Houchens family of brands with a plan to make life easier for individuals on-the-go. Each location is conveniently located and contains a small grocery market, the snacks and drinks you'd find in a typical convenience store, a quick-service-restaurant, and of course fuel for your vehicle. They are the perfect pit-stop for whatever life throws your way. The goal is to complement your life and to be your ultimate neighborhood market!

Take a Look Around

We would love to see you in person, but in the meantime, take a look around! There's something for everyone at Crossroads IGA! 

Crossroads Grocery Entrance

Most locations have a convenient side entrance for those looking to make a quick trip for groceries.

Crossroads IGA

Plenty of parking and two entrances for quick and easy coming and going.

Java Joes | Chilly's

Coffee and fountain drinks on-the-go with our Java Joe's Coffee or Chilly's Cold Drinks station.

Beer Cave

Most of our stores include a beer cave fully-stocked with customer favorites.

Cold Drinks

In the mood for a cold drink? We have all your favorites right here!

Fresh Produce

Grab-N-Go salads and produce always available, always fresh!

Fresh Food Case

Fresh meat, produce, and Grab-N-Go deli options ready and waiting!

Healthy Deli Options

Making good choices is easy with our Grab-N-Go section of deli favorites and healthy options!

Hot Food Case

Made fresh, in-house rotisserie chickens, wings and hot meals available after 10:30 every day.

Produce Display

No need to go anywhere else, we have fresh seasonal produce ready and waiting!

Dairy Section

Milk, eggs, cheese, butter? We have all your dairy essentials right here.

Frozen Food Section

All your favorite frozen foods for quick and easy meals and snacking.

Grocery Essentials

Each aisle is fully-stocked with all the essentials for life on the go! We're your ultimate neighborhood market!

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